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Parking Lot Paving

Start with a Vision

A paved parking lot that looks really bad makes your business look bad.

The real lifespan on a newly paved parking lot depends on numerous factors. One of the main factors is how much pressure the asphalt pavement is under on a daily basis. Proper installation is key to how long it may last.

Richard Diehl Paving & Sonsis a local paving company with well over 40 years of personal experience, specializing in parking lot paving services.

The materials we use are top notch and our work guaranteed to last for years to come. Always remember that it is not just my business, it is my name on all of my work.

Begin your blacktopping project today

We have paved the way to make things simple and beautiful, just click the button and submit your request for an estimate.

40 Years in Parking Lot Paving

We employ professional workers all with the experience needed to get the job done right the first time.

From helping you maintain the look of your asphalt parking lot to repaving and installing a brand new asphalt surface, Richard Diehl Paving & Sons has the expertise to help you.

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The most common question that comes to mind while researching parking lot paving services from any company for the first time, is why to choose them to do the work. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Richard Diehl Paving & Sons for your next project.

We are a 4th generation local paving company, Richard has been personally running the business since 1987 servicing the Greater Lehigh and Mahoning Valley areas.

All of our team members including Richard's two sons are thoroughly trained and experts in the field.

Whether it is a small project or a big commercial job, Richard Diehl Paving & Sons treats all clients the same. All parking lot paving projects have my name on them. Out team will work with same dedication to make sure that you, our client, are 100% satisfied.

Quality of material we use for parking lot paving is second to none, and we always make sure enough material is used to ensure the longest life possible.

One of the biggest reasons that our clients trust us and choose Richard Diehl Paving & Sons is that from start till finish all the communications with customer are done directly by the owner.

This leaves no room for miscommunication or any sort of misunderstanding.

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