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The services of expert commercial paving contractors are highly valuable to any business. A smooth, well-paved driveway and parking lot create a positive driving experience and a professional-looking storefront. On the other hand, pavement that's cracked and unappealing creates an unprofessional appearance and can result in negative judgment. Hire the elite team at Richard Diehl Paving & Sons when you need reliable, functional paving services.

Warehouse Lot Paving

Asphalt paving is a great surface material for your warehouse parking lot paving, and it will last for years before you need to service it again.

Pavement Marking & Line Striping

Whether it’s a crappy car park, a new road, highway, or even a surface that require re-painting, no line painting job is too big or small for Richard Diehl Paving & Sons. Trust us with all your surface marking needs and expect the same level of professionalism no matter the size of the job.

Tar and Chip

There is nothing better looking than a natural gravel driveway. But after the rain and winter plowing you are left with a mess of stones all over your lawn and mud back in the driveway. The solution to this is a tar and chip driveway and it has been around for decades.

Parking Lot Paving

The real lifespan on a newly paved parking lot depends on numerous factors. One of the main factors is how much pressure the asphalt pavement is under on a daily basis. Proper installation is key to how long it may last.

Parking Lot Drainage Solutions

An efficient parking lot drainage system is extremely useful in leading away storm-water runoff from your commercial building and parking lot.

Asphalt Cracks and Potholes

Richard Diehl Paving & Sons, over 40 years experience in driveway repair with cracks and potholes. A broken parking lot can be unsightly, inconvenient, and in many cases, even dangerous.

Parking Lot Resurfacing

In order for parking lot resurfacing pavement to perform well, it must have sufficient structural capacity to carry the loads. The pavement thickness requirement depends on the conditions and traffic loads.


Parking Lot Sealcoating Services for Greater Lehigh and Mahoning Valley Businesses--Transform a Tired-Looking Parking Lot into a Stunningly Attractive Parking Lot Your Customers Will Love

Why You Need Commercial Paving Contractors


Specialized commercial paving contractors know what it takes to build a parking lot to last. Proper installation combined with expert maintenance might be enough to keep your lot in great shape for as long as fifteen years. On the other hand, you might need to replace a poorly built, unmaintained lot in as little as five years.

There's a great deal that goes into providing your business with excellent driveways and parking lots. For one thing, you need to hire experienced laborers who believe in their work who are led by an expert manager that prioritizes communication. Your contractor needs to use the best materials to give you good value for your money. Finally, they need to have a wide range of expertise and knowledge. Maintenance and repair are just as important as the initial paving when it comes to getting your money's worth.

Richard Diehl Paving & Sons doesn't only meet these criteria but exceeds expectations in all of them. When you hire us, you'll see the difference in the building process as well as the finished result.

The Richard Diehl Difference


When you're researching commercial paving contractors, the recurring question is how to make your choice. There are many reasons why you should choose Richard Diehl Paving & Sons for your next project.

We have a deep history in our community throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley and Mahoning Valley as a 4th generation local paving company. Richard has run the business since 1987, a period spanning more than 40 years. In that time, he's built the expertise that only decades of experience create. His work is his pride and passion, which is why every one of our projects goes under his own name.

But the dedication isn't purely technical, as the building process includes continual communication and updates. Proactive, productive communication helps to avoid confusion and make sure the client is always satisfied.

Every team member is a thoroughly trained subject matter expert. While it is a family business, the members of the family hold themselves to the highest standards. Anyone who works on one of our paving projects knows their trade inside and out. Richard Diehl Paving & Sons stands above other commercial paving contractors by using the best in materials, tools, and labor.

Excellent Commercial Paving Services


Richard Diehl Paving & Sons can provide every commercial paving service that you might need. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Parking Lot Re-Paving & Grading

  • Parking Lot Sealcoating

  • Resurfacing (All Types)

  • Proper Storm Water Management and Drainage

  • Emergency Patching

  • Crack Repairs & Sealing

  • Pothole Repairs

  • Line Stripping

Don't settle for just any commercial paving contractors. Work with the best, and you'll see the difference that it makes. Contact us today to hire the best parking lot paving services in town.

Understand Us

My business is very personal to me. If I see a customer outside of work, I can walk up and shake hands confidently, knowing I did my best for them. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, Richard Diehl Paving & Sons will provide its reputation." -- Richard Diehl

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