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101 What to Expect When Considering a New Driveway

Updated: May 30, 2023

Your new driveway doesn't just boost curb appeal and add to the resale value of your home, but it can also help protect the vehicles that park in it.

However, not all driveways are created equal, and the process can take time and be a bit messy. Here's a back-to-basics guide about what to expect when replacing your driveway.

Selecting the Right Driveway Material

Most driveways use asphalt because it's durable, long-lasting, and complements just about every style of house. Plus, asphalt is easy to replace, and is even more "green" than other materials - in fact, nearly 99% of asphalt is recycled! This helps with both coasts and sustainability.

While flagstones and concrete are lovely, these kinds of material tend to crack with weather fluctuations and may take several days or over a week to install. These are also less even and may cause more wear and tear on your vehicle than necessary.

Choose a Great Paving Contractor

Despite what some YouTube DIY videos may suggest, installing or re-paving a new driveway isn't something that most homeowners are ready to handle.

First, you'll need specialized equipment in order to create a driveway that lasts.

Second, you'll need training and experience t make sure that the material is applied correctly, and sets and cures properly.

This is why you need an experienced paving contractor, one that can pave or asphalt a lovely new driveway for you without damaging your yard or property. But, not every paving contractor is created equal. Do your homework and ask a few questions:

  • How long have you been in business?

  • Can you provide references from your past work installing anew driveway?

  • What challenges do you see with my driveway?

  • Should I use concrete or asphalt for my driveway?

  • What is included with the quote?

  • Does the company provide haul-away for the old material?

  • Do you also provide a full clean-up of the driveway?

Try to get at least a few quotes, so that you have a range of estimates about how much your driveway will cost.

Driveway Paving Tips

Thinking about the right time of year? Well, the truth is - we pave all year round when mother nature allows us to.

Make sure to give your neighbors a heads-up that you'll be having a driveway placed, so they can park elsewhere or know that there may be noise or mess.

Check the forecasted humidity for the area, as well, as this can cause problems with the application of the asphalt.

Asphalt driveways take about 48 to 72 hours to properly set and cure, so it's important to keep bikes, cars, and even feet, if possible, off the driveway. This enables the material to set evenly and settle into the ground, so it's less likely to crack.

Once you have your new driveway, make sure to take care of it, to reduce creating pits and groves, and to prolong its life. Don't pull in too fast or drive fast on the space, as this can cause scarring.

Likewise, don't park your car in the exact same spot, or leave a parked care or damper in the same spot for a prolonged period of time, as this will cause the driveway to develop tire pits that make it difficult to get the vehicle in and out.

Schedule a New Driveway Today!

Richard Diehl Paving is the leading residential driveway paving firm in your area.

We have been serving the good people of the Greater Lehigh Valley and Mahoning Valley areas for four decades and are looking forward to many more years in the area.

Give us a call today or visit us online for your personalized quote!

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