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Grading and Stoning Driveway

Grading and Stoning Services

The grade of your drive refers to how steep it falls over elevation change. We calculate the length of the drive with the change in elevation to find the ideal grade. Employing the right slope reduces the risk for erosion, standing water, and poor water drainage (that could affect your home's foundation). Our pros can grade new drives and regrade driveways with grade-related problems.

Then, we can apply new stone to provide an ideal surface for your drive. We'll take time to explain the different types of driveway stone available today and why one choice over another might make the most sense for your setting and budget. Our contractors will answer any questions you have and help you arrive at the ideal paving solutions for your home.

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Maintaining a Stone Driveway

A well-maintained driveway should function optimally but also enhance your home's curb appeal. Richard Diehl Paving & Sons has more than 40 years of experience grading driveways, laying down stone, providing paving services, etc...We're a locally owned family business that specializes in customized paving solutions for residential property owners. If you live in the Greater Lehigh Valley or Mahoning Valley areas, you can rely on our professional service and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you currently have no driveway, you can rely on Richard Diehl Paving & Sons to install one that suits your needs, property style, and budget. It's important to choose a contractor who has a proven record of experience. Poor grading and improper installation can lead to unpleasant problems with water drainage and erosion. When excavating for a new driveway, we take care to properly grade the drive to promote optimum drainage. Whether your drive is on a slant or flat ground, we can tailor our solutions to ensure that your new drive is designed with longevity in mind--and proper water drainage.

Driveway Makeovers and Repairs

You don't have to live with a driveway that's in disrepair. Is water pooling? Are their dips, cracks, or potholes to contend with? Richard Diehl Paving & Sons can visit your setting to discuss the best solutions to makeover your driveway. Whether you're planning to sell your home or concerned about its curb appeal, you can opt for solutions that improve both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your driveway.

Contact Richard Diehl for a free cost estimate. There is no obligation. We strive to provide the best customer service and most outstanding workmanship in the region. Check our testimonials or ask for references. We don't disappoint!

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